About Josh & Suzanne

img_0070.jpgIt’s true, we drink and we play things.

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia where we’re lucky enough to have both an active gaming community and a thriving craft beer scene.

As a result we spend most Wednesday nights at our local sampling the specials and on weekends you’ll find us trialing beers from further afield or at a brewery event. All enjoyed over board games of course.


Delicious Jedi Juice.
Jedi Juice, a delicious NEIPA.

By day, Josh works in insurance, but don’t let that fool you, he’s really an okay guy. At night he uses a vast array of board games and beer to fight his sworn nemesis: crippling social anxiety.

His first great gaming love is RPGs but it’s getting steadily harder to put a table together for anything more than a one shot and so these days he mostly plays light to medium weight strategy games and the occasional euro.


No former colleagues were harmed in the making of this photo.
Eating a few scientists over beers.

Suzanne is a former research scientist turned writer, currently freelancing and plotting her next novels. She’s always written about her hobbies over the years, too, so this blog was probably inevitable.

She loves gaming of all sorts, but tabletop games are the sweet spot for her.  She especially loves cooperative games, but will play almost anything (except Dominion).